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Swimming Pool Enclosures

Enjoy the benefits of summer all year round. A leisure and healthy lifestyle can carry on through the winter months because of swimming pool enclosures.Enclosing your pool in its own summer environment will be a wise financial decision - it will ensure that the money invested in your garden and swimming pool will be utilised all year round even in the often unpredictable conditions of summer, spring or autumn.

Many benefits of a swimming pool enclosures are:

  • - Extend the pool season without extra heating costs
  • - Traps the heat produced by the sun rays or heated water
  • - Lower water heating costs by preventing temperature loss
  • - Easier pool maintenance, water monitoring & chemical dosing
  • - Shorter pool maintenance time
  • - Keeps the water free from dirt
  • - Limits damage to the pool during winter
  • - Prevents accidents (such as children falling into the water)
  • - Enjoy the pleasure of an open-air swimming pool
    on hot days
  • - Protection of children from falling into the pool
  • - Energy Saving
  • - Warranty up to 15 years

Low Size Pool Enclosures
Our low model pool enclosures have been created so you will not lose the view of your garden and surrounding nature but you will be able to freely use ...
Middle Size Enclosures
Our middle model pool enclosures provide universal enclosure solutions that do not prevent the view of the landscape or garden surrounding the pool. Simultaneously, ...
High Size Pool Enclosures
Our high model pool enclosures provide multi-purposes covering applications with high vertical walls creating spacious halls. Their main advantage is the ...
Azure swimming pool Enclosure
An enclosure makes an outdoor pool a year round affair, even in the summer British pools can leave you a bit chilly - the Azure enclosure makes it a more ...
Pool Enclosure Technical Information
Advantages, Aluminium Profiles, Colours, Concept, Leading Lines/Tracks, Polycarbonate, FAQ, How to use Pool Enclosures
Lean to Enclosures
Swimming Pool Lean To enclosures - Year Round Swimming -

The cost effect solution to coping with unpredictable British weather

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