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Welcome to Aspects Pools

The on-line shop that specialises in spare parts for swimming pool equipment.


Spare Parts for Swimming Pool Equipment 


Welcome to the Aspects Pools website. We are specialists is the supply of spare parts for all types of equipment used in domestic swimming pools. 



Spare Parts for Pool Cleaners

There are 3 main types of automatic pool cleaner. Suction cleaners work of your pool's circulation pump and typically have a rubber diaphragm at the core of the mechanism. This part often needs replacing. 


Return Flow cleaners were very popular but not so much now. The cleaner will have a booster pump in the pool room.


Electric Automatic Pool Cleaners are becoming more and more popular. 


Spare Parts for Pool Filters

Popular filter manufacturers are Triton, Lacron and Atika. We sell spare parts for all these filters. Items that often need replacing are the laterals and the spided gasket on the multiport valve.


Spare Parts for Pool Heaters

The two big names in pool heaters are Certikin and Jandy. Jandy bought out Laars pool heaters but now all Laars and Jandy heaters come under the umbrella of Pentair Pool Products. Common spare parts that we get asked for are ignition systems for gas pool heaters and heat exchangers.


Spare Parts for Pool Pumps

The most common swimming pool pump spare part we get asked for is the basket lid followed by the impeller. The Starite pump is a very popular pool pump but we also sell spares for Hydroswim, Hayward and Certikin pumps.


Spare Parts for Pool Rollers

Spares for the Plastica Slide Lock reel are the post popular item in this section. The steering wheel is most commonly asked for. 


Spare Parts for Pool Skimmers

The Certikin pool skimmer is the most popular skimmer on UK swimming pools. The spares that we sell most of are the lid and the strainer basket. We sell spare for at least 7 other popular brands including Plastica, Cofies and Hayward.