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Swimming pool and spa covers have come into increasing use over the past 5 years in an effort to save heating energy costs, water evaporation, swimming pool maintenance and most recently the safety of children.

As water evaporates, the minerals in it are left behind in the remaining water. Chlorine, which is made from salt, leaves minerals in the water as well. If you live in hard water areas this can cause real problems. Heat Retention Pool Covers and Solar Bubble Pool Covers slow down the rate of evaporation and therefore reduce chemical use. They also keep dirt and debris out which also absorb chemicals and it means you vacuum less and clean your filter less.

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Heat Retention Pool Covers

Most suitable for Indoor Pools, Hydrotherapy Pools and Spas/Hot Tubs

Swimming Pool Heat Retention Covers have ...

Solar Bubble Pool Covers

Most suitable for Outdoor Pools and Pools in Warmer Climates

The most popular type of swimming pool cover ...

Above Ground Pool Winter Debris Covers
When the swimming season is finally over, for those with outdoor pools it is time to winterise and put your pool to bed until the spring.

Winter Debris Pool Covers

When the swimming season is finally over, for those with outdoor pools it is time to winterise and put your pool to bed until the spring.

During ...

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Whatever type of pool you have, whether it is indoors or outdoors, you will most certainly benefit from the addition of a good quality swimming pool ...

Swimming Pool Cover Accessories
Our range of swimming pool cover accessories and pool equipment have fast delivery and are designed to work with the majority of swimming pools and spas.

In the Autumn & Winter, Winter Debris Covers are used to stop major debris falling into the pool. It also stops sunlight getting through which prevents algae from feeding. Once Spring is back round the water will be much cleaner and therefore save you time and money when reopening your pool for the season.

Overall swimming pool covers saves you money on your water bills, chemicals costs, expensive draining and refilling and possible scaling in your heater from the hard water.

Heat Retention Pool Covers and also Solar Bubble Pool Covers also help to retain heat. It is said that water evaporation accounts for 70% of heat loss. By covering the pool you can eliminate water evaporation by 98% and therefore retain most of the heat which has already been paid for.

In addition to this some estimates have said that a Solar Bubble Pool Covers can harness the energy of the sun to raise the pool water by as much as 8 degrees C, meaning money is saved on your gas or electricity. When you do turn on your heater, the water starts out warmer and heats up faster. The most popular type of solar bubble cover material is the Geo Bubble, with it's double bubble formation and increased resistance to chemical and UV degrading, developed to outlast any other cover. Available in a 500 Micron Geo Bubble Sol+Guard or a 600 Micron Geo Bubble Aqua Max.

Finally, covers can provide safety. Many of us are rightly concerned about the safety of our children and pets around the swimming pool. There are a variety of PVC and slatted safety covers available which have had detailed safety standards set out by accrediting agencies to ensure that a persons weight will be supported if they inadvertently fall into a pool. Of course not all the covers are built with these properties so please make sure you select the appropriate ones. supply a complete range of economy and premium pool covers suitable for all requirements and budgets.

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