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The Hydroswim HGS Pump(Out of stock)

The Hydroswim HGS Pump is no longer available from Aspects but the PPW pump is its direct replacement.


Similar in every way to the Hydroswim HGS pump in its fittings, the location of the inlet and outlet is the same.


The PPW's performance is slightly better than  the Hydroswim HGS.


Not to be confused with the Hydroswim HKV pump which is smaller.


Sizes from 0.5 to 1.5 horse power.


Single phase supply only.


Size Max. Pool Size Capacity at 12m head Retail Price Our Price
0.5 HP 10 x 20 8m3 per hour £428.00 £335.00
0.75 HP 15 x 30 10m3 per hour £436.00 £365.00
1.0 HP 18 x 36 14m3 per hour £464.00 £385.00
1.5 HP 20 x 40 16m3 per hour £508.00 £405.00



Useful dimensions (without union adaptors fitted) -

From floor to centre of inlet = 192mm

From face of inlet to centre of outlet = 202mm

From floor to face of outlet = 225mm

Overall length = 486mm


Delivery time is 2 days on these pumps.

Price From: £335.00
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