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Pipe and Fitting Saver 1.5 inch(Out of stock)

Pipe & Fitting Saver 1.5" This tool has been available in the swimming pool industry for some time, and is the only tool on the market that enables the removal of a pipe from a glued 1.5" swimming pool pipe fitting. All to often a pool pipe may fail the implication of re-plumbing major section may not be an option.


The Pipe saver enables you to remove / drill out the old pipe clean it up and glue in the new pipe! Genius Certainly an engineers tool of choice and one in which we all use from time to time on the road, a great standby tool for the pool enthusiast or pool engineer. Top tip* Use either a well charged battery drill on a slow speed for best results, or a variable speed power drill, clear all swarff from the fitting and give the fitting a good sanding prior to gluing.

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