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Chlorine Shock 5kg(Out of stock)

Perfect Chlorine Shock Granules in a 5kg container


Contains 65% Calcium Hypochlorite 


Dosage (for general shocking) 700g per 100 cubic metres (12oz per 10000 gallons).


Double or triple the dose for bad algae attacks.


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This Granular Chlorine (Calcium Hypochlorite) product is ideal for shocking the pool water on a regular basis (approx. once a fortnight) and occasionally when the demand for chlorine rises through bather load.


Convenient alternative to liquid chlorine.


Fast dissolving & fast acting. No chlorine lock. Clears green pools.


Dose Rates: 1,000 gallons - Weekly Shock 28g, Every Other Week 55g, Problem Solver 91g

2,500 gallons - Weekly Shock 68g, Every Other Week 136g, Problem Solver 227g

5,000 gallons - Weekly Shock 136g, Every Other Week 272g, Problem Solver 454g

10,000 gallons - Weekly Shock 272g, Every Other Week 544g, Problem Solver 908g

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