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The Ecowarm Plus Heat Pump for Smaller Pools(Out of stock)

The Ecowarm Plus Swimming Pool Heat Pump.


The Ecowarm heat pumps are a new heat pump range custom made for above ground pools or smaller in ground pools


Quick to setup and easy to remove in the winter


They come complete with UK plug, RCD  and flexible hose connections so in next to no time you can be up and running.


Ecowarm Features


Can be used with sand filters

Can be used with cartridge filters

 Operates from +8°C air temperature

An exceptionally high COP value (5) for such a small compact heat pump.

Fitted UK plug and RCD and hose connections for above ground pools

Specially designed for small and medium pools 

Will continue to function even at low flow rates 

User friendly. Color display 3 buttons Flow indication

Safety RCD protection and UK plug 

Plug & play (Note: Eco+14 needs to be hard wired to a dedicted breaker)

Plastic rust-resistant polymer casing

The Ecowarm swimming pool heat pumps have a user friendly colour digital display panel

The display panel has three buttons for easy operation

The display has a unique water flow indicator scale to instantly show the water flow rate through the heat pump so that you can be sure that it is sufficient.

The display shows the current pool temperature and the set temperature.

Using sustainable materials (UV resistant Polymer casing and titanium heat exchanger)

Full Flow Technology No Bypass needed

With R410a gas for an environmentally friendly operation

Model No. Electricity Used Heat Input to Water at 25C PoolSize Our Price
EW6 1.4 KW 7.8 KW - 26,600 BTU Up to 12ft Circle £795.00 incl. VAT and delivery 
1.7 KW 9.5 KW - 32,500 BTU UP to 15ft Circle £995.00 incl. VAT and delivery 
2.3 KW 12.5 KW - 42,500 BTU 21ft Circle or 12 x 24ft rectangle £1,300.00 incl. VAT and delivery


EW19 and EW 14  models are the same physical size, 510mm diameter and 800mm high. (20 inches diameter, 2ft 8in high). The EW8 is 510mm diameter and 580mm high. (20 inches diameter, 1ft 10in high). 




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