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The Calorex Heat Pump(Out of stock)

The Calorex Pro Pac Heat pump

Calorex is the world's leading manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps and is renowned for it's innovation, range and quality of products. A proud claim, backed by over 25 years of design, manufacturing and operational experience with thousands of units operating in hundreds of countries worldwide.

 - Titanium heat exchangers

- Fully automatic

- Digital controls

- Quiet in operation

- Requires very little regular maintenance

- No fumes

- Kind to the environment

- Economical to run

- 3 years Parts & Labour Warranty (UK Only)



 Calorex heat pumps are manufactured to suit a large variety of applications. The ambient 'X' summer range will successfully heat the pool water throughout a typical UK summer season, operating when outside air temperatures exceed 7 degrees centigrade


 This typically offers a UK swimming season between May & September. Heat pumps for this season are often referred to as ‘Summer Season’ models


 The ‘Reverse Cycle Deforst’ range, with a more comprehensive design, offers an extended season usage. This range can continue to operate even when the outside air temperature is below zero degrees centigrade. This means that pool water heating can continue beyond the typical summer season


 Extended UK seasons usually considered are April-October and March-November. Heat pumps for these longer seasons are often refereed to as ‘extended season’ models.


 Occasionally, an all-year swimming season is preferred, which also applies to most indoor pools. Heat pumps selected for all of these longer swimming seasons are listed as ‘Extended Season’ models.


 To help with electrical demands, ‘soft- starts’ can be fitted (if necessary) to any of the units as an optional extra. This reduces the initial electrical current surge associated with compressors. Advice from an electrician may be needed prior to installation.


Heat pumps can also be installed in conjunction with auxiliary pool heaters. Occasionally, design parameters may require a periodical ‘top-up’. This can simply be by way of a small in-line electrical element or calorifier. Aspects Pools will gladly advise with all such combinations.


Equipment selection needs assessing for each season considered. Basically, warmer air temperature equate to lower heating demands, because a) pool water heat losses are less, and b) heat pump efficiencies are higher than those associated with cooler air temperatures. The diagram below shows performance efficiencies for various air temperatures.


Calorex units are built to last and have been supplied to the swimming pool industry for decades. Thousands of Calorex units have been successfully operating in some thirty countries. The choice of materials for the components is aimed at a long reliable life. The cabinets are steel, first galvanised and then coated to provide resilient protection against external elements. Pool water heat exchangers are of high quality to ensure maximum resistance to pool chemical corrosion. All models now include a titanium heat exchanger with a five year warranty, plus digital controls.


 Each unit is thoroughly tested and inspected and must meet a precise performance standard before leaving the factory! The Calorex factory and products are approved to several internationally accepted standards of quality and safety. All Calorex equipment is fully guaranteed and dispatched complete with comprehensive instructions.



For Spring to Autumn swimming choose the Y range. They work well from March to November giving heat to the water when the temperature is down to 0 deg C 



calorex pro pac heat pump


Model No. Electricity Used Heat Input to Water at 15C Price
1.95 KW 8.8 KW - 30,000 BTU £2,655.00
PPT12ALX 2.60 KW 12 KW - 41,000 BTU £3,095.00
PPT16ALX 3.35 KW 16KW - 54,000 BTU £3,795.00
PPT22ALX 4.54 KW 22 KW - 75,000 BTU £4,415.00
PPT16ALY 3.35 KW 16 KW - 54,000 BTU £5,450.00
PPT22ALY 4.54 KW 22KW - 75,000 BTU £6,250.00

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