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The Certikin Oil Heater(Out of stock)

The most comprehensive oil fired pool and spa heater on the market.


The Certikin oil fired pool heater is fully tested and approved to OFTEC and EC standards. It comes pre-plumbed for ease of installation and supplied standard with top flue connections and built in frost protection. It is made with outdoor terminals that are IP44 rated.




- Easy to use diagnostic electronic controls with LED display

- Fully tested and approved to OFTEC and EC standards

- Complies with section L 2002 Building Regulations

- Suitable for use on salt water pools

- UK based technical expertise

- Designed to run with high efficiency, clean combustion and low noise level

- Pre-plumbed and pre-wired for ease of installation

- All Models fitted with Riello burners

- Optional balanced flue kits, left, right or rear available for all models (28 sec Kerosene only)

- Optional vertical balanced flue (no ventilation required)

- Optional outdoor installation kit- SPCOHMIK

- Multiple pool heater load share option. Kit required.




A state of the art electronic control panel created especially for oil pool heating and central heating applications which is easy to use and includes an accurate display of pool temperature. The diagnostic control panel includes a pressure gauge and LED lights to indicate everything from the boiler being turned on to burner lockout. Four accurate thermostats control the pool water temperature, the boiler temperature, the safety high limit and the automatic by-pass (not fixed). Condensation inside the water jacket is minimised to maximise the operating life of the boiler.




The heater comes complete, pre-plumbed and pressure tested resulting in ease of installation and peace of mind for the customer. A high efficiency counterflow water to water heat exchanger is used for pool water heating. System inhibitor is supplied with every heater.




All connections to the heater are made externally on the left hand side of the cabinet. The connections are as follows: - Pool water in & out - 11/2” plastic pipe. - Oil - 10mm compression fitting with filter. - Sealed system pressure relief valve. - Sealed system fill / drain point complete with filling loop and valves - 15mm. - Electricity - Supplied with 13amp plug fitted with 5amp fuse and 2 metres of cable. - Fire check valve - Provision is made for the addition of a fire check valve and sensor. - Frost protection - Built in two stage. - Pool pump overrun - via a contactor (not supplied). - Central heating flow and return tappings. - Flues - All gaskets and sealants including fire cement and caulking rope are supplied. - The CCP02 pool control panel can be used with this heater.


Additional Uses


The heater is supplied set-up for use on a heating system with the required boiler controls conveniently and safely presented on the control panel. It is easily connected to heating system controls (not supplied).


The unit is supplied with a 12 month warranty. However if commissioned by an OFTEC registered Engineer this will be extended to 24 months. Note: This warranty is only valid when used in accor- dance with the SPATA standards for balanced water and other chemical parameters.


Ease of Installation


The Certikin Oil Heater has been designed with all plumbing and electrical connections on the left hand side of the unit, as shown.


download installation manual download manufacturers brochure



Size Max. Pool Size Retail Price Our Price
110,000 BTU 12 x 24 £3,360.00 £2,900.00
180,000 BTU 16 x 32 £4,050.00 £3,450.00
220,000 BTU 18 x 36 £4,398.00 £3,750.00
280,000 BTU 20 x 40 £5,250.00 £4,400.00


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