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The Triton II Filter(Out of stock)

Triton II Side Mount Filter with ClearPro Technology


The number 1 sand filter in the world is now capable of polishing pool water like never before thanks to patented ClearPro Technology, Triton II Side Mount with ClearPro Technology now produces dazzling water clarity. However, Triton® II Side Mount with ClearPro Technology remains blissfully simple, requiring less maintenance than either cartridge or D.E. filters. Just an occasional backwashing with a simple turn of a valve for the clearest water, year after year.


Comes with a 10 year tank warranty


Filtration engineers talk about “polishing” water. It means stripping all visible contaminants for sparkling clarity. In the past, sand filters were not capable of this performance, but they were legendary for their dependable service and low maintenance requirements.


Today, thanks to patented ClearProTechnology, the world’s


1 sand filter can achieve “polished” water quality. Plus,Triton II sand filter retains its position as the filter that requires the least attention from you.


The secret is a proprietary component inside the filter—an exclusive porous tube through which water must pass before it re-enters the pool. It creates a final barrier to the small particles sand cannot stop, including the finest dust particles, algae, and pollens. The result is dazzling water clarity—a level not attainable by any sand filter without ClearProTechnology.


At the same time,Triton II remains the blissfully simple filter that requires less maintenance than either cartridge or D.E. filters. Just an occasional backwashing with the turn of a valve is all it takes to keepTriton II delivering the clearest water year after year.


Besides its superior filtration performance,Triton® II sand filter with ClearPro Technology® delivers a level of dependability, ease of operation and maintenance for a track record that’s unsurpassed. Every design detail has been refined to make Triton II the industry standard.


Additional features include: 

- Flow system design controls filtration quality and ensures maximum run times between backwashing to save you time. 
- Combination sand and water drain speeds servicing and winterizing. 
- All internal parts are threaded for ease of maintenance.

- Swing-away water diffuser allows instant access to sand and all internal parts. 

- 8.5" Closure 
- 3.5 bar maximum operating pressure 
- 50 degrees C maximum operating temperature 




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24 inch 16 x 32 £904.00 £625.00 
30 inch 20 x 40 £1337.00 £895.00 


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