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Reaction Electric Pool Cleaner(Out of stock)

Pool cleaner for above ground pools and pools with flat bottom surfaces with a maximum volume of 60m2



Filter bag with capacity of 30 microns



2 programs



The Reaction pool cleaner operates independently from your filtering system.



Collecting dirt and debris in its internal bag without using your pool's filtering system. Very user-friendly, just immerse the pool cleaner in the pool water and switch on the transformer to begin cleaning.



The reaction pool cleaner has been designed to clean flat-bottomed pools with a maximum surface of 60m². This unit remains completely independent from your filter system and requires no modification to your pool pipework.



This cleaner is adapted to all pool shapes, in ground or above ground, and all types of pool finishes (liner, PVC, tiles, fiberglass, painted concrete).



Benefiting from 18m³/h of suction power giving optimal cleaning. The unit is also equipped with an obstacle detector to avoid becoming stuck during its cycle.



The Reaction does not feature embedded electronics: Everything is managed from the power block.



This pool cleaner is easy to use, just connect the transformer to the power supply and select your cleaning cycle using the integrated timer that allows you to choose the duration of the cycle: 1 hour for everyday cleaning and 2 hours for an intensive clean. Then plunge the cleaner into the pool water and start.



Operation of the pool cleaner



- 1. Connect the floating cable to the transformer. 


- 2. Grasp the unit by its handle and place in the pool water. 


- 3. With a to and fro movement evacuate trapped air till the cleaner reaches the bottom surface of the pool. 


- 4. Choose the desired cleaning cycle with the integrated timer. 


- 5. Selection the position ON on the on/off switch and begin cleaning. 


- 6. The cleaner is equipped with an automatic stop system at the end of its cycle. 


Maintainance of the pool cleaner


- 1. Remove the upper casing of the unit by pressing simultaneously the two black lateral buttons to access the filter bag. 


- 2. Take out the bag and rinse in clear water. 


- 3. Rinse all the elements of the cleaner. 


- 4. Readjust the filter bag placing the soft surface towards the interior and replace in the cleaner. 


- 5. Replace the upper casing and close using the locking system. 


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