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Perfectly Clear Natural Clarifier(Out of stock)

Pefectly Clear pool water clarifier.


Clarifies brilliantly.


Made from Chitosan extracted from crab and prawn shells. A natural clarifier because it is made from natural ingedients.


Its special environmentally-friendly chemistry removes more organic material than any other clarifier and extends the life of your filter. 

Removes cosmetics, metals, oil, soap,   & other particulates.

Prevents foam stains and  scum


Lets you go longer between filter cleanings, backwashes and replacements.


Compatible with ALL sanitizing systems. Environmentally-safe, nontoxic, biodegradable.


Dosage is 125ml to 100,000 litres (3oz to 20,000 gallons) so 1 litre will dose a big pool 8 times.


Our Price: 1 litre £12.00 or 2.5 litres £24.00 


Price From: £12.00
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