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Maxi Tabs 5kg(Out of stock)

Perfect Maxi Tablets ( aka Trichlor Tablets) in a 5kg Tub. 25 tablets per Tub.


Contains Trichloroisocyanuric acid.


200g circular tablets approx 75mm (3in) diameter.


Each tablet is individually wrapped.


Doseage 1 tablet per 45 cubic metres (10,000 gallons).


RRP £46.00 


Delivery: Free with an order over £50.00 otherwise £5.99.


Maxi Tabs are specially designed and packed trichloroisocyanuric acid tablets for use with circulatory feeder units, for disinfection of public and semi-public swimming pools.


For smaller pools, the tablets may be dosed by placing them into the skimmer basket.


Maxi Tabs contain a built-in stabiliser, making them ideal for outdoor pools where loss to sunlight can be a problem.



> Test water daily using a pool test kit. Place Maxi Tabs in tablet feeder. Never place tablets in direct contact with pool surfaces.

> Do not switch off the unit while it is charged with Maxi Tabs and ensure that the tablets within are always covered with water. If it is necessary to cease use of the feeder for any period, the tablets should be allowed to dissolve completely before shutting off the units.

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