Glass Bead for Swimming Pool Sand Filter 20kg

Replace the sand in your 'sand filter' with glass beads and increase water clarity and save water & time.

As supplied to the Zoological Society's around the UK by Aspects Pools.

• Superior filtration below 3 microns vs. sand @ 20 microns
• Up to 20% less water required for back-washing
• 0.6mm to 0.8mm in size
• Chemically inert and free from contaminants

Acting like liquid when backwashing these tiny beads of pure glass are the future , today of swimming pool filtration.

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Product Description


Glass Bead Media is a revolutionary product in that the glass is virgin material only and is spherical in shape and design. It has many added benefits over other medias such as sand including a 30% reduction in back washing over standard glass media and sand. Save Water - Glass bead’s spherical smooth shape, results in a low co-efficient of friction, reducing its backwash water requirements. Glass beads backwashes with up to 20% less water than sand, saving time and water. High Purity Waterco Glass beads are manufactured from 100% virgin glass and chemically inert. Our beads have been independently lab tested for leeching contaminants and found to be well within stringent Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Safe and Smooth Glass beads are spherical and do not have any sharp edges. They are safe to handle and safe to service. If there is ever a failure of the filter’s laterals and glass beads flow into the swimming pool, they pose no risk of injury to swimmers. Time Saving Glass beads are easy to install and enables a rapid start up of the media filter. Its high purity means very little backwashing. Completely Compatible Any Sand Filter will accept our glass beads, whats more you require up to 20% less beads than you do sand! Click on our 'useful download' above to the right for more technical data. Bulk enquiries are welcome - please contact us for orders of 5 bags or more.