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Swimming Pool Winter Covers

When the swimming season is finally over, for those with outdoor pools it is time to winterise and put your pool to bed until the spring.


During this period it is imperative to protect your pool. We have a variety of winter debris covers to suit all pool shapes and sizes which will help during this time.

A good winter pool cover will reduce the damage that can be caused by autumn leaves and other nasty winter debris such as litter and dead insects entering the skimmer and filtration system.


Winter debris pool covers are usually made from very tightly woven polyethylene fibres which allow the rainwater to seep through whilst keeping debris out.

A well maintained & adjusted cover will offer years of service, whilst strong they do eventually fail, if your looks anything like that in this image then its not going to be much help, feel free to get in touch for help & advice....

Standard Winter Debris Pool Cover £218.00
Deluxe Criss Cross Winter Debris Pool Cover £262.00
Deluxe Reel Protector Cover £60.00