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Swimming Pool Pumps 

A swimming pool pump is fundamental to the operation of a swimming pool. Otherwise known as centrifugal pumps they fundamentally move the water around the system. The impeller in the pumps spins causing water to shoot out of it. As this water escapes, a vacuum is created that demands more water to match this force. Water is therefore pulled from the pool or spa and then moved on into the rest of the system. They are sized in either horsepower (hp) or kilowatts (kw), and usually have 1.5 or 2 inch unions attached to the suction/inlet (side) and the return/outlet (top) points on the pump.


Initially water is pumped from the pool, which comes via the skimmer and the main drain (sump) at the bottom of the pool. It then circulates through the pump with any debris not already caught in the skimmer being trapped by the basket housed inside the pump. This water is then shifted into the swimming pool filter and then depending on the position of the multiport valve it will either pump the water to your drainage area or alternatively filter it and move it into your swimming pool heater if applicable. The water is then pumped through an automatic chemical dosing system if present (probably only 10% of pools have these). Following this the water is pumped back via the pool and the process is repeated. This process should usually be carried out for around 4-8 hours per day on a domestic pool when in use.


Swimming Pool Pumps usually last anywhere between 2-10 years depending on the brand and how it is treated. Most pumps nowadays are all self priming, meaning they start up without the need for filling them with water first. Nevertheless, it is always recommended at the start of the season to fill them with water either by a bucket or a hose. Most pool owners have their system on a timer, which usually operates during the cheapest electrical tariff times.


Swimming Pool Pumps can be plugged straight into a standard 13 AMP socket, however, it is recommended to run them off a RCB (Residual Circuit Breaker) as obviously water and electricity don’t mix well! Some models are available in single phase and three phase however most domestic houses are single phase. Very simply, a three phase supply means you have three cables coming into your system which cuts the load by a third, meaning you can operate larger electrical items.


To size a swimming pool pump you must calculate the amount of gallons in the pool. To do this for a rectangular pool you typically multiply the length by the width by the average depth by 6.25. This is based on measurements in feet. If given in metres, convert these to feet by dividing the measurements by 3.3 and continue to proceed with the above calculation. Circular and freeform pools are measured slightly differently. Please contact us for further information.


The size of the pump needed for your pool or spa depends on a number of factors but by calculating the amount of gallons of water you have in your pool you can easily identify which horsepower (hp) swimming pool pump you need from the examples below.


Calculate Pool Volume - Square or Rectangular Pools - Length x Width x Depth x 6.25
- Round or Oval Pools - Diameter x Diamter x Depth x 4.90


Approximate Pool Requirements (All are based on an average depth of 4ft 6î)
- Pools 9ft x 18ft (4550 gallons), 10ft x 20ft (5600), 12ft x 24ft (8100) - 0.5 hp Pumps
- Pools 14ft x 28ft (11000 gallons), 15ft x 30ft (12700) - 0.75 hp Pumps
- Pools 16ft x 32ft (14400), 18ft x 36ft (18200 gallons) - 1.0 hp Pumps
- Pools 20ft x 40ft (22500) - 1.5 hp Pumps


The chart above is very useful and accurate for most applications however there are mathematics behind these figures which we have explained in more detail. 


If you would like some assistance in selecting the correct pump, please do not hesitate to contact us 

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