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Installing a UV system will offer numerous benefits to the pool owner in regards to water sanitisation.

Just a few examples of these are;

    - lower chlorine levels
    - lower chloramines
    - lowered operational costs
    - improved bather comfort

Schools, water parks, hotels, and community pools are Installing UV and reducing chlorine to levels however still operating within UK guidelines for pool water safety a new commercial environmental change for swimmers and the environment. Times are changing – and swimming pool sanitation is entering a new era.

A good example can be found a short drive from our distribution office in Devon;
The Riverside Leisure Center is well known within the UK pool industry as the first commercial pool in the UK to adopt a Ultra Violet system to treats its swimming pool water, that was way back in 1994. Fast forward 19 years to 2013 & the pool is still operating a UV system
The operators on behalf of Exeter City council are on record as stating that they would not think twice about replacing it when the time comes with another UV system!

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Elecro Spectrum UV System £750.00