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Swimming Pool Chemicals


There is a huge range of swimming pool chemicals available to buy directly from Aspects Pools. We stock chemicals that are ideal for treating home swimming pools and spas as well as larger swimming pools. Please ensure that you are familiar with the processes for adding chemicals to you swimming pool and if in doubt please feel free tocontact us.

Although there is a science behind swimming pool chemicals, treating a pool is something that everyone can do. With our comprehensive category guides and pool chemicals available from top brands such as Certikin, you'll soon be able to enjoy crystal clear waters throughout the year. All of our pool chemicals are listed below. If you have any questions regarding any of the chemicals we stock please feel free to contact us.

Swimming pool water is constantly re-circulated and re-used, meaning you’ll need to deal with the unpleasant bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms deposited by individual bathers before they’re passed on to other users.

Bacteria are so small they’re invisible to the naked eye, but they can cause numerous infections and diseases and cannot be ignored. Living organims needs food and water to survice and both are these things are in abundance in most household swimming pools. The water is already present and the food, which is normally present in the form of organic material, is bought into the pool by bathers with each use (as humans introduce skin particles into the water). These bacteria therefore need to be properly controlled by the correct use of swimming pool chemicals and care products.

Don't underestimate the size of the potential problem. Bacteria multiply rapidly and if left untreated, their numbers could increase to 20 million in just eight hours and 160 million in nine hours! By the time the water starts to look cloudy, there could be many millions of bacteria per five litres of water. So it makes sense to control them in the early stages rather than when the numbers are up in the billions.

It is, therefore, crucial to treat the water correctly with relevant swimming pool chemicals such as Bromine tablets, Chlorine granules or Chlorine tablets. Bromine and chlorine sanitise the water, killing any living micro- organisms, but they also act as oxidisers; chemically burning out the dead micro-organisms and other organic material present in the water.

In addition to using a pool sanitiser it is also necessary to maintain other water balance levels including pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness. A variety of swimming pool chemicals are available to ensure these levels are maintained and that the water does not pose a health risk to bathers and/or present a long-term threat to the pools’ surroundings.