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Swimming Pool Heat Retention Covers



Most suitable for Indoor Pools, Hydrotherapy Pools and Spas/Hot Tubs

Swimming Pool Heat Retention Covers have become extremely popular over the past few years especially in domestic and commercial indoor pools in an effort to cut our carbon footprint and save on heating energy costs and water through evaporation. They are also very common in spas and hydrotherapy pools
Swimming Pool Heat Retention Covers otherwise know as Heat Blankets or Foam Covers are much more suitable for indoor pools as opposed to outdoor pools as unlike Solar Bubble Covers, their main function is to retain heat and not to harness the energy from the sun to heat the pool.
Much like the bubble covers though, these heat blankets are sheets of lightweight compressed foam that float on the surface of the pool or spa. They are made from closed cell polyethylene foam and have a tough woven top and bottom sheet for maximum heat retention and strength and are heat welded and shaped to your specification.
It is now widely accepted that installing a Heat Retention Cover is the single most effective means of reducing swimming pool energy consumption. Each swimming pool with no cover loses 5 degrees C in 5 hours. By fitting the correct heat retention cover you could reduce this heat loss to just 0.54 degrees C in 5 hours with a reduction in energy bills of up to £12,000 per annum (figures based on a 25m x 12m pool at 2008 prices). Depending on what Swimming Pool Reel system you opt for, a payback period as short as 12 months can be expected.
Its not just the reduced energy bills that make for such a strong argument for covering your pool with a heat blanket. The vast majority of heat loss from swimming pool water is through evaporation. With a pool cover in place, evaporation is virtually eliminated. This will benefit you from reduced humidity and condensation in the pool building and consequently will reduce the work involved for your Dehumidifier.
Additional options are available for the heat blankets including hemmed edges and specifically designed leading edge & towing kits. These are foam filled, reinforced and come complete with a towing rope to ease with the operation of the pool covers. They are particularly useful if the cover is to be handled by one person. We do recommend these on all covers, as they also help to extend the life of the cover too.
As the heat retention pool covers are of the manual variety, you will almost certainly require a swimming pool reel. Without one of these, it is fairly difficult to remove the covers from the pool unless they are on a spa or a very small hydrotherapy pool and with regular manual handling, the material will most certainly get damaged very easily. We offer a variety of swimming pool rollers that can be operated by a steering wheel, or for a greater investment, by the push of a button on a remote control.
Aspects Pools have supplied and installed a wide range of covers for all pool shapes and sizes so why no contact us to discuss your requirements.
6mm Thermalux Cover Standard sizes £413.00
12mm Thermalux Cover for Spas Standard sizes £120.00