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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

One of the major concerns with any new swimming pool owner are the running costs. The latest generation of swimming pool heat pumps actually harnesses the free heat in the air. In fact the sun doesn’t need to shine for the heat pump to work


Based on old technology used in refrigeration and air conditioning, today’s Heat Pumps take warmth out of the air, by compressing a gas which in turn increases in temperature heating the water as it passes through the exchanger. Most heat pumps can provide up to 5 units of energy to the pool for every 1 unit paid for. Even with the outside temperature at 10 degrees C you will still get 5 free units of energy for every 2 you pay for. Some models will still extract free heat from the outside air as low as -15 degrees C. However the standard outdoor pool unit will only need to operate down to freezing. Check heat pump specs for this and also check at what ambient air temperature the kW rating given has been measured at.


We offer renowned brands with excellent track records such as NIRVANA and CALOREX (look out for their Power First and Pro-Pac ranges) along side some budget heat pumps offering excellent value for money.


One of the main advantages of heat pumps over other heating systems is that they require no complicated gas supply, oil tanks or flues and in the main will operate from small capacity electrical supplies. In addition the average pool owner doesn’t want the trouble of constantly monitoring the heating so most systems are fully automatic and need only one control – the pool water thermostat. Finally heat pumps are easy to install, quiet in operation and as a result of their design, inherently reliable.

The Ecowarm Plus Heat Pump for Smaller Pools £795.00
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The Nirvana Heat Pump £3,495.00
The Calorex Heat Pump £2,655.00