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Swimming Pool Filters



The Swimming Pool Filter is the piece of pool or spa equipment that strains impurities out of the water that is pumped through it. Aspects Pools offer 3 types of Pool Filters for your swimming pool.


Firstly are DE Filters. In the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters the water passes into a metal or plastic tank, through a series of filter elements and back out of the unit. The filter elements do not actually perform the filtration, but instead are coated with a filter media, diatomaceous earth, that does the actual filtering.


The most common and natural type of Swimming Pool Filter nowadays is the Pressure Sand Filter. With this method, water is passed through a layer of sand inside a tank at extreme pressure, which strains impurities from the water before it leaves the tank.


Finally is the Cartridge Pool Filter which is similar to the other pool filters except there is no DE or sand filter media. Water flows into a tank that houses a cartridge which strains impurities out of the water.


A recent addition to our range is the Multi-Cyclone Pre-Filtration device. This unit cuts water consumption and eases the workload on your swimming pool filter which in turn helps to extend its life. It is a very straightforward installation fitting into the system between your pump and filter.

MultiCyclone Plus £375.00
The Triton Filter £495.00
The Triton II Filter £520.00
The Tagelus Filter £345.00
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Backwash Hose £24.00