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Electric Robot Automatic Pool Cleaners

The top of the range Automatic Pool Cleaners are the 'Electric Robots'. These premium 'Electric Robot' type Automatic Pool Cleaners can either be plugged into an electrical mains or in some cases they are battery powered. They have various features including the ability to be programmed to climb walls with a choice of cleaning cycles. Some can even be operated by a remote control.


They travel around the pool on a low voltage electrical supply similar to the way a tank moves on its own tracks. The cleaner has an internal vacuum pump that sucks the debris into a filter bag which is housed inside the unit. These cleaners should only be used when the pool is not in use.


There are many 'Electric Robots' on the market but AspectsPools.co.uk sell only those we would be happy to recommend and those which we would use ourselves. The Dolphin M3, Dolphin M4 & Dolphin M5 offer the very latest in Maytronics' (the manufacturer) technology. 

The Dirt Devil and iPool Robot cleaners offer fantastic value for money. 


The Dolphin Supreme M3 is our entry level domestic cleaner for pools up to 12m in length. This cleaner will only clean the pool floor. If you are keen to clean the walls then the Dolphin Supreme M4 Pool Cleaner is the next available upgrade which cleans the pool wall at regular intervals during it's cycle. The top of the range electric pool cleaner for domestic pools is the Dolphin Supreme M5 Pool Cleaner. This automatic cleaner has many options including full floor and wall cleaning plus a remote control.


Our best selling commercial automatic pool cleaner is the Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 Pool Cleaner. This pool cleaner has a wide range of automatic cleaning cycles, a remote control and is especially designed for the level of cleaning that professional pool management demands. The Pro X2 boasts hardened brush axles, a reinforced long-lasting track, and a heavy-duty brushless impeller motor. For cleaning large Commercial pools up to 60 metres in length the Dolphin 2 x 2 Automatic Pool Cleaner is the ideal solution.


Tiger Shark Automatic Pool Cleaner £1,100.00
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Dolphin Supreme M4 Automatic Pool Cleaner £1,350.00
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Dolphin Supreme M5 Auto Cleaner £1,900.00