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Electric Swimming Pool Heaters

Electric Swimming Pool Heaters are in many cases the preferred method to heat your pool water as when combined with a Economy 7 supply tariff and solar pool covers they are a highly effective method. They are slightly more expensive to run than gas heaters, however they are very efficient and are suitable for all types of swimming pools.


The heater will operate at night on Economy 7 at the same time as the filtration period of about 7 hours. The control circuits measure the temperature of the pool water and supplies just the right amount of heat to ensure is up to the desired temperature the next morning.


nd oil heaters except the heat is derived from an electric coil that is immersed in the water flowing through the unit.


Unlike other forms of heating which rely on heat transfer from an external source such as a boiler, there can be no drop in efficiency throughout its life due to scale formation.


Due to its simplicity they are extremely easy to install. It is important that the correct size of heater (kW) is chosen based upon the dimensions and location of the pool and it is imperative that your electrician has confirmed that your supply has sufficient capacity.

The simplest wayto calculate the required kW for your pool is 1.5kW-2kW per 1000 UK gallons (4.55m3)


The compact size of an electric heater means that it can be conveniently positioned alongside your swimming pool pump and other equipment. Environmentally, the absence of refrigerants, machinery noise and fumes means that such a system offers a cleaner and efficient route to heating your pool.


Electric pool heaters are available in either Stainless Steel 316I or Titanium, for salt pools and is available in outputs from 2kW - 120kW, in 1 and 3 phase.

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The Elecro Nano Heater £220.00
The Vulcan Heater £375.00
The Thermalec Heater £1,200.00
The Elecro Titan Optima Heater £1,835.00