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Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers



Managing excess humidity in indoor pools and spas is a critical task as it causes a wide variety of problems from decayed concrete and rust to electrical shorts and respiratory ailments.

Essentially, moist air in the pool enclosure must be drawn out and replaced with drier outside air that is often achieved by being filtered through a Dehumidifier.

A considerable amount of water evaporates from the surface of a heated swimming pool or spa. If the pool is indoors, all this evaporated water is effectively trapped within the pool room in the form of airborne humidity.

As the evaporation from the pool continues, the amount of water within the pool room air quickly increases until the point when the air can hold no ore water.

Surface condensation will then occur on the windows, walls and ceiling etc and condensation can also actually occur within the structure of the pool room building.

This can soon lead to extensive mould growth, rapid deterioration of the décor and possible eventual structural problems.

Dehumidifiers minimise the need for costly air extraction. Operating on the heat pump principle, these high-performance units re-circulate pool air, removing the moisture content and delivering warm, dry air back to the pool hall.

By working in this way, they maintain a comfortable humidity level, minimise condensation and keep heating costs at the lowest possible level

Effective air heating is also important within a pool room as the quantity of water which evaporates from the pool surface will be much increased if the air is not able to be maintained at a high enough temperature.

With the option of built-in-air heating coils, both the Heatstar Pegasus Dehumidifier and the Vaporex Dehumidifier provide an attractive, convenient and economical solution to condensation control.

Both systems are very easy to install, only using a mounting bracket to attach them to a supporting wall, a mains electricity supply and a condensate water drain.


Meaco 300i and 500i Series £1,765.00
The Vaporex 33 Range £1,785.00
The Vaporex 55 Range £2,550.00
The Monitair 75 and 110 Range £3,775.00
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Calorex Variheat Series 2 £9,000.00
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Calorex Variheat Series 3 £6,000.00