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Booster Pump Automatic Pool Cleaners

Similar to the Suction Pool Cleaners are the 'Booster Pump' Automatic Pool Cleaners. They work the same way as the 'Suction Devices' except they take the water after the filter and heater, which is already on its way back to the pool, turbocharge or pressurize it by running it through a separate pump and motor, then send this high pressure water stream through flexible hoses into the cleaner that patrols the pool bottom. Trailing from the body of the cleaner is a sweeping hose that swirl around under the force of water being pumped through them. Small fine dirt which has settled is agitated so it can be dealt with by the pools main drain leaving leaves and larger debris to be collected by the on board filter bag.


Our most popular Booster Pump Pool Cleaners are the Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner and the upgraded Polaris 380 Swimming Pool Cleaner which benefits from having triple jets to provide greater vacuum power and faster cleaning.

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