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Automatic Pool Cleaners


Keeping a pool clean is a combination of purifying the water with swimming pool chemicals or other water disinfectants plus removing any items such as leaves and other falling debris. Failing to do either of these will not only make your pool look dirty and undesirable to bathe in, but it could also run the risk of becoming a health hazard.

Automatic Pool Cleaners are increasingly becoming the pool owner's choice of regular maintenance. The most recent of cleaners to be introduced are the innovativeDolphin M3Dolphin M4 & Dolphin M5 cleaners. Together known as the Supreme cleaners.

There are numerous designs of Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners available today. The three most common ones are the Electric Robot Pool Cleaners, the Booster Pump Swimming Pool Cleaners and the Suction Automatic Pool Cleaners. Suction Pool Cleaners and Booster Pump Pool Cleaners both work hydraulically with the suction ones using the power of the pool’s own filter pump while the Booster Cleaners have a separate electric pump to boost water pressure. Both type of cleaner are designed to be left in the pool except when there is a heavy bathing load.

The Electric Robot Cleaners are self-contained systems with an integral filter and are powered directly off the electricity supply. These premium cleaners are lowered into the pool only when a cleaning cycle is required.

Aspects Pools supply an extensive range of all types of Automatic Pool Cleaners suiting most domestic and commercial applications with varying budgets.