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Latest Swimming Pool News – March #1

We will aim to bring you regular news from the Pool/Spa/Wet Leisure industry that we think may be useful, informative or even just to provide some humor and light reading from time to time. We will also post stories on news from around the country and the rest of the world. Here is our latest round up: -

- Premier League Chairman falls into hotel fountain
Don’t let an accident happen around your pool. Get a swimming pool safety cover.

- Certikin continues Maytronics/Dolphin supply
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- Swimming robots set record in Pacific
Drones sent out to collect water data from San Francisco.

- Plan to charge for historic Pond causes anger
- Lottery raises funds for Gloucestershire pool

Olympics Round up

- Aquatics Centre passes FINA test
- Athlete’s accommodation for Olympics unveiled
- Olympic Rings on the Thames
- Pink uniforms for Games’ volunteers
- Free WiFi on Underground
- Kate Middleton plays Hockey at Olympic Park

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