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Above Ground Pool Starter Pack
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HTH Easyclic Fi Clor 5 Buoy Floating Dispenser
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Fi Clor Multi Functional Granules 5kg
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3 Way Test Strips

Chemicals for Small Swimming Pools

For 10ft, 12ft, 15ft or 18ft above ground splasher pools we recommend Fi-Clor 5 Buoy and a pack of 3 Way Test Strips (see above).

The 5 Buoy contains chlorine and clarifiers to keep the water clean and safe. It just floats on the surface and falls over when it is empty. Take it out when you use the pool and put it in a bucket.  Use the strips to test how much chlorine is in the water and take the 5 buoy out if it gets a little high.

Alternatively there is the Fi-Clor Premium 5 Multifinctional Granules. They contain chlorine to kill germs, algicide to keep algae at bay and a clarifier to keep the water sparkling all in one tub. 

Putting chlorine in a pool is bit like putting fuel in a car. You look at the fuel gauge and when it shows the tank is low you put more in. The test strips are the equivalent of the fuel gauge. Use them every day to test how much chlorine is in the water and if it is low - add some more. The fuel will only go down in your car if you use it, if you don't use it you don't need to add fuel. This is nearly true with your pool but not quite. If loads of people get in the pool it will use your chlorine up very quickly so test it after it been used a lot. But unlike fuel in a car the chlorine level will go down gradually even if you don't use the pool.