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Certikin Solex Solar Powered Pool Roller(Out of stock)

Certikin Solex Solar Powered Pool Roller


Quick to install and free to operate the solar powered Certikin Solex offers an affordable solution to automatic pool cover ownership.


As the most environmentally friendly cover system on the market today, Sunny rollers are suitable for new and existing pools up to 6 meters wide by 13 meters long.


Owning a pool should be about fun and relaxation, not having to worry about taking a bubble cover on and off your swimming pool every time you or one of the family want to swim. So often this can be a real pain, quite literally, as you have to bend over to operate a traditional roller or struggle to cope as you drag and possibly damage a water-laden cover to the poolside.


Installing the Certikin Solex is simplicity itself and being solar powered, you don’t have to splash out on the high costs associated with providing a separate power supply nor incur the mess and disruption involved in breaking up the pool deck and digging through your flower beds to get the power in.


Photovoltaic Technology


Free power for the Certikin Solex is produced using the latest photovoltaic solar cell technology as used in a variety of applications ranging from calculators to roadside communication equipment. The energy produced by the cell is stored in a highly efficient, maintenance-free dry cell battery and will operate the roller as many as 15 times before needing a complete recharge, although charging happens throughout the day as photovoltaic cells are able to collect solar energy even during cloudy weather.


For Domestic Pools


The Certikin Solex is produced using an aluminium roller tube to carry a bubble cover supported on special end stands made of impact resistant PVC and aluminium. The telescopic design of the roller tube allows the Sunny to be used on pools up to 6 metres wide and 13 metres long. Just like the installation, operation of the Certikin Solex is equally easy and to make sure it does its job right, an automatic switch ensures the cover is accurately rolled on and off the pool every time.


Easy to install
4 inch light weight aluminium tube






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