300W 12V Certikin (PU9) Sealed Beam Underwater Light

Certikin’s range of top quality swimming equipment is designed for all types of swimming pools. By using only Certikin equipment you will ensure ease of supply now and in the future.

Need help on understanding pool lights? This blog article - A guide to swimming pool lights - will help.

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- Suitable for concrete and liner pools.

- Fitted easy-change ‘super strength’ clear safety cover.

- Niche designed to angle light beam down 5 degrees to eliminate pool side glare.

- Locating lugs and combination pozidrive/slotted housing screws for quick and easy bulb changing.

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Product Description


The Certikin underwater light incorporates features absent from other underwater systems. The unique Micallef fittings at the niche and deck box enable the installer to fit non-standard conduit lengths (15m reels are available – part no. SPC464.).

Every light comes complete with a factory fitted clear polycarbonate safety cover (PU15C). Also available in blue, red and green, these can be purchased along with a compatible front plate to suit existing installations (PU15N).

Every light comes with a finishing fascia ring. The liner/shutter version clips onto the clamp plate hiding unsightly screw heads; the concrete version is easily fitted to the niche surround and is designed to cover tiling edges. The fascia rings are compatible with all Certikin underwater lights manufactured since 1968 and are available as spares for retro-fitting (Concrete – SPC475; Liner SPC476).

Bulb changing is now easier than ever with combination pozidrive / slotted screw heads, locating lugs and high-tech nickel plated inserts.

The niche is cleverly designed to angle the beam down by 5 degrees which means the lights can be positioned to accomplish the optimum effect in the pool without glare at the poolside.

PU9CS 300W 12V for concrete pools

PU9LS 300W 12V for liner pools

PU9CLS 300W 12V for concrete‘shutter’ pools

Replacement sealed unit PU93S

Replacement ‘guts’ units with conventional bulbs PU93S. Each pack includes the entire internal unit for the PU9 light, a new PU10N deck box lid, screws and a pull string for easy installation. PU9ST – Alternative to PU93S gut pack comes complete with stainless steel front plate.

Replacement bulb kits PU8 & SPC556HN

The PU8 is the only replacement bulb kit suitable for the conventional 300 watt light, it is supplied complete with accessories essential when changing the bulb – o’ring , terminal screws and emery paper for cleaning the cable terminals.

Deck Box PU10N

Deck mounted junction box for connecting the cables between the underwater light and the transformer. The PU10N has a square frame to make tiling easier and its double o’ring sealing system makes it IP65 – jet proof and water tight.

Underwater light connector PU9UC The underwater light ‘quick release connector’ (PU9UC) rated as IP68 –completely submersible – this optional accessory can be fitted to the cable of existing conventional underwater lights. Designed to be wired in minutes it means that future bulb changing can be carried out away from the poolside.